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do you look on the bright side or dark side?
find out who u r really (p)

1. if ur friends were in a fight wat would u do?
try to calmly stop it
get in it wh00t!
just fight & try 2 stop it
2. Wat`s ur fav color? { don`t kill me!!! oh w8 u cant unless u go 2 my skool then aaaaa!}
3. wat is ur saying out of these?
when ur having a bad day try 2 look on the goods things that did happen
life is boring/sucks
life has its twists & turns.... deal withit
4. wat music do u like out of these do u like?
Linkin Park!!!!/jimmy eat my world!!!
anything really
5. who do u think u r
a dark sider
a bright sider
dont really no
6. how is ur life?
lifes ok.. i guess
life has its ups & downs thats life
its sucks no 1 understands me...
7. will u rate/comment? {not count}
8. did u like this quiz?
its good
loved it

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Times Taken:1,897
Created on:1/9/2008 11:50:16 PM
Made by:Pinkbun17

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