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What do you look for in a Guy? (Girls Only)
Which guy do you like? (e)

1. Does he have to be Athletic?
YEAH!! if not it`s totally over.
Somewhat... doesn`t need to be a star.
Uhh what`s a boyfriend without athletics??
Only if he wants to...
Nah... it`s okay if he doesn`t...
2. What do you like to be called?
Sexy Baby
Whatever my name is.
3. Whats he look like?
somewhat long hair/mysterious eyes
Short hair/nice eyes
Blond hair/ blue eyes
Dark Hair&Eyes
All around Cute
4. How does he Act?
Holds your hand
Arm is around you
A little bit of all the nice things..
Holds you/kisses you/and loves you with all his heart
5. What does he say when he says Hey....?
Hey Babe =]
What`s up Hun?
Hey babez!!
Whats going on Sexy? ;)
6. Where does he take you?
Some Sport Event
At home Movie&Popcorn
Long walks&Lots of Talking

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Created on:6/18/2007 8:02:15 PM
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