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do you live a redneck life style quiz. Find out if you live the life of a redneck (un my opinion its a good life Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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do you live a redneck life style
Find out if you live the life of a redneck (un my opinion its a good life

1. how do you spend Friday night
hangin out at the truck pulls with a 20 pack
go clubing
start a bond fire party out in the sticks
write sad poetry and complain about life with friends
get drunk and pass out at home
looking for aliens
2. do you treat your truck like a cadilac
hell yeah
whats that even mean
3. have you ever been to a dirt track race and enjoyed it
yeah man best thing ever
yep and it was awsome
yes and never again will I waste my time like that again
hell no races are for rednecks
4. have you ever been to a poetry reading
yep once
yep every night
5. do you go clubing with you friends
yeah every friday
you mean like a gun club
I don`t go enough
6. Do you enjoy hunting
yeah goto put meat in the freezer
Animals are our friends you redneck jerk
7. have you ever gotten drunk fishing
yeah drank alot that night
how do you get drunk fishing
never been fishing or drunk
8. what type of truck do you drive
9. how often do you shop at tractor supply
not often
not at all
whats tractor supply
10. How much do you love RED SOLO cups
Fill em up thwn lift em up then proced to party
Love them
They suck I prefer glass
Hate them
Stupid redneck dinning wear
11. what do you wear for a night on the town
never go to town
cowboy hat my clean flanel,good pair of jeans and my clean cowboy boots
black skinny jeans hot topic shirt and my high top conveses
camo tux
DCshoes element hoodie and a flat bill
12. do you have dixie pride
hell yeah
yep alittle
no way
dixie ha pride ha ha don`t make me laugh
13. do you love shooting your guns
hell yeah the goverment ever tries to take em off me they `ll get lead poisining
yeah I love em
guns are bad
I`m anti gun screw the second amenment
14. do you belive country boys can survive anything
hell yeah you can`t stomp us out
were pretty tough
they should just roll over and die already

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Created on:6/25/2012 10:17:43 PM
Made by:dieselrednek

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