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Do you like taking quizzes?
Quiz time!

1. When you see an add saying quiz in it what do you do?
Cream your jeans.
Crap your pants.
Put the gun in your mouth.
Pull the trigger.
2. How many quizzes have you made on this site?
3. Do you search for every kind of quiz that you think that you might like?
Only if I have the time.
4. If someone said that they would kill your parents and/or other family members unless you took quizzes for three full days non-stop would you do it?
I would do that anyway.
Yes, at least it`s something I like to do.
Yeah but it would get boring quick.
Yeah, only to save them though.
No. I hate quizzes more so much I`d rather see my family die than take them.
5. Are your eyes buring from staring blankly at a computer screen?
No, I`m blind.
6. And finally, do you automatically come to this page to take quizzes when you get online?
After I check my email and MySpace.
What`s a quiz?
I`m here by mistake, how do I leave?

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Times Taken:1,646
Created on:4/6/2007 9:39:01 PM
Made by:Bunson

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