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do you like SexyAnimeGirl
do you like me if you do tell me love you all<3

1. do you want to date SexyAnimeGirl
no she is ugle(me:*sniff*sniff*)
shes cool but no
2. what are you
bad boy
good boy
3. were would you take me on a date
fancy restraunt
4. if i was sick what would you do
make soup
i dont care i need to go(me:*cry*)
give me a kiss on the forhead an say be strong(me;*smiles*)
5. if i was flirty what would you do
give you a kiss(me:*kisses back*)
flick me off(me:f*ck you)

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Times Taken:711
Created on:10/8/2016 10:58:02 PM
Made by:SexyAnimeCat

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