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Do You Like Me? (guys only)
Guys,,take it.i'm

1. Whydid you take this quiz?
You seeemed like a cool person, so I took it...
Because I take all the pathetic quizzes like this one..
I was bored...
you seemed like a cool person so I took it.
2. Do you know what diabetes is? Cause I have it.... BE HONEST!
What is diabetes?
It dosnt bother me,
ya it does... I dont talk to people w/ diseases
3. I like to stay in the house on the weekends and watch movies, would you come over and watch scary ones with me every weekend??
I would for awhile, but try to convince you to try something different,
I would do whatever you wanted
Try to switch it up a bit.
4. What color is your eyes??
Green (gorgoeus)
Blue (sensual)
brown (caring)
5. what`s your hair color?
orange... (haha)
dyed so many times idk what it is
what ever you want it to be (cheesy, but still awwww...)
6. How do you style your hair..? big question!
emo (smexy)
messy (sexy bed hair)
clean and neat.
7. BAck to question 6, if i didnt like your hair would you get it cut for me?
oh course babe.
NO!! only my mum cuts my hair.
I`d let you style it...
hellz no!
8. I only have one day to live, and you found out, what would we do on my last day??
spend every moment in eachothers arms till` i pass..
go to the beach....
hhaa, i gotta go...
Love you all day.. making you feel as if you have to stay..
9. Do you care about looks?
ya,, but personality is important too
NO, i love ya just the way you are. (aww sweet)
10. comment? will not efeect outcome
of course!
i`ll comment and pm you . *wink wink*

About This Quiz
Times Taken:2,560
Created on:2/2/2009 9:48:22 AM
Made by:peaches108

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