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do you like guns
Do you like gun and country things

1. do you own any guns
no would like to get one(or some)
no dont plan on getting any either
guns r bad .....
2. does this flag offend you
nope its history / herritage not hate
its ok
yes extremly it symbolizes slavery and bad stuff
3. do you like american alcohol
hell yeah th best there is
its ok
no its terrible yuck!!(commie b@stard)
4. do you like american vehicles
hell yeah
no they suck
i could care less
5. do you belive the 2nd amendment should be taken away
hell no
? don`t know?
yes it should be
yes th law will always help us right...
6. do you hunt/fish or both
one or the other
neither its wrong animal are our friends
7. are you a religious person
yep goto church every sunday
i go to church when i can
no religion is wrong
ha im athiest
8. do you support and respect your veterans & volenteers
yes absolutly
no war is bad and their all guilty of war crimes
they r hate mongering jerks
9. just for th hell of it

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Created on:2/24/2013 6:43:00 PM
Made by:dieselrednek

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