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Do you know your TV?
Some random Shows (e)

1. Whos the main character of Bakugan?
2. In The Simpsons what did Bart do to nearly kill Homer?
Nuke the country
Shove him into traffic
shoot him
put exploding beer in the fridge
hit him with a bowling ball
put food poisining in a donut
3. Whos green lanterns most feared enemy? this is from the Justice League
El Pancho
4. In robot chicken the Dragonball Z christmas special who were the 3 enemies?one of the names I forgot
Missile-toes,Candy-kane,Holy Holly
snow ballz,rude-off,evil-elf
Nutcracker,drummer boy, Snow santa
5. What is Itachis plan?
To rid the world of evil by killing all the good people
Killing the uchihas and then killing Sasuke a few years later
Killing everyone within a 10 mile radius
to kill the Uchiha clan and then make Sasuke come to him
6. What is Chris Angels most coolest trick ever?
When he made an elephant disappear
When he levitated on top of the casino in Las Vegas
When he separated a women in half
When he took a lady from a picture and made her come to life
when he made a barbie doll come to life
when he got stabbed on an iron fence
when he walked on water
when he tied himself to a chair and escaped while under water

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