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Do You Know What GMM is?
Let's find out if you know what Good Mythical Morning is.

1. what days does GMM come out?
Monday thru Fridah
Only on Saturdays
What is GMM?
2. what is GMM?
a kids show
a talk show
a science show
I have no entire idea
3. who stars in GMM?
Stacey and Kelly
William and Dillon
Rhett and Link
OK, what is GMM?!
4. what is Rhett`s full name?
Rhett William Cruz
Rhett James Mcglaughlin
Rhett Arnold Seth
I have no clue....
5. What is Link`s full name?
Charles Lincoln "Link" Neal lll
Link Christopher Neal
Link Fugal Neal
I do not know this guy
6. what is Link`s favorite cereal?
Mini Wheats
Raisin Bran
how am I supposed to know?
7. what does GMM stand for?
Great Money Makers
Good Morning Media
Good Mythical Morning
I just don`t know
8. what is the relation between Rhett and Link?
Friends since the first grade
I do not know
9. which of the following is not part of the Good Mythical Crew?
the mythical what?
10. are Rhett and Link married? if so, to who?
yes, Rhett`s wife`s name is Jessie, and Link`s wife`s name is Christy
Yep, but they never reveal the names of their wives
I just do not know

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