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Do You Know How To Take Good Care For A Dog?
Tittle says it all!!!

1. Do you like/love dogs or puppies?
Kind of
DUH! They`re so so so cute!!!
Eww, no
2. Would you ever give chocolate to a dog?
Sure. Chocolate is yummy!
I dunno
OMG! Never in my life! Chocolate is poison to dogs!
3. Do dogs need attention?
Nah, they don`t need any attention
Of course! They need lots of it!
4. Your dog needs a vet right away. Then you realize the price is $150 or more. What do you do?
Give them the money. It`s a life that`s in risk!
Walk away. I`m never gonna be wastin` money on an animal!
It depends...........
5. Do you have a dog or want a dog?
Want one so so so badly!
I have one and I take really good care of it
I don`t have one, I don`t want one
I`m allergic to dogs
I have a dog but I don`t really pay any attention to it
I don`t have ONE dog, I have a LOT of dogs and I love every single one of them
I don`t really want one
I hate dogs, so no I don`t have a dog
6. Will you comment/rate?
Sorry, I don`t have time. I gotta take care of my dog!!!

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Created on:12/10/2011 3:10:40 PM
Made by:I_Waz_Here

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