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Do you know how to be a REAL friend  quiz. think about it   you may just be friend and not best friend   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Do you know how to be a REAL friend?
think about may just be friend and not best friend...

1. Alright, so you`re walking down the street with your friend and it starts raining. you...
hand my friend my unbrella!
take my friend`s and yell "RUN!!"
run away without saying anything
2. Your friend falls down! they`re not seriously hurt. you...
they`re not hurt? then i laugh at them!
i`ll help them up
ignore them and walk past them
3. finish this: "a friend will come bail you out a jail, a true friend will..."
leave you in there to rot away. hey c`mon, they did something wrong!
be sitting there next to you saying "dude, we f**ked up"
bail you out of jail AND say that it`s ok, it wasn`t their fault...even if it was...
4. your friend is sad and crying. you ask what`s wrong and they say their bf/gf broke up with them. what do you do?
prank call their bf/gf saying "you will die in 10 days"
comfort them and say "there`s other fish in the sea to fry"
call them a pussy and walk away
5. Yeah, I know short quiz (doesn`t affect outcome)
eh, that`s ok!

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Created on:2/16/2008 4:30:45 PM
Made by:bloody0angel

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