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Do you know Three Days Grace lyrics?
aaaa i <3 Three Days Grace!!!

1. I can`t escape this hell....
but i know i`ll do well
so many times i`ve tried
so i can`t go on for long
and i feel like dying
2. if you feel so empty,
so caged in, so wreckless
so fowl, so bleak
so hated, so misused
so used up, so let down
3. but i`d rather feel pain than...
nothing at all
seeing your smile
letting you go
stopping this now
4. run away, run away,
i don`t wanna see you
i`ll attack
but don`t fall behind
i`ll collapse
5. so what if you can see...
what`s real and make believe
what you mean to me
the darkest side of me
the blackest smile in me
6. what`s this song called? "help me belive it`s not the real me"
suffering in your eyes
animal i have become
7. last question (yes i know it was short) what`s this song? "if you feel so angry, just get up"
from yesterday

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