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Do you know Shadow the Hedgehog?
Do you know him? You do? Only one way to find out...

1. Who does Shadow work for?
No one, Shadow is better than that!
Doctor Eggman
Doctor Robotnik
Black Doom???
Doctor Eggman/Black Doom
2. Is Shadow Good or Bad?
Is this a joke? He`s evil!
He`s a roosterroach
3. Shadow`s friend died, who was she?
It was a boy!
No one died, Duh!
Maria Robotnik
Mario, I will miss him!
It`s a girl? Thanks for the tip :)
4. Who is Shadow`s Father?
The name escapes me...
The person on picture!
Profesor Gerald Robotnik
Black Doom
Sonic!?! Lol, hahahaha, no...
5. What ability did Shadow copy from Sonic?
Shadow wouldn`t steal, yes right...
Super Speed
Chaos Control
The power of friendship, aww no...
Spin Dash
Why is he smiling???
6. Who hugged Shadow?
No one hugged that loner...
Sonic, lol
Black Doom
Amy Rose
Someone who got paid a lot...
7. When was Shadow a clone?
Never, he rules!!!
In series
In game
He sucks! < You liar!
In series after death and in game.
He is still a roosterroach
8. Where was Shadow made?
Space Colony Ark
In his mom`s tummy, Duh!
Don`t you mean born?
Inside Sonic, lol hahahaha, not a chance.
9. Who made Shadow?
The old and bald guy
Dr Eggman, ha that was the clone.
Dr Gerald Robotnik
Professor Gerald Robotnik
Maria Robotnik
His roosterroach mother, I didn`t forget.
10. Does Shadow care about Sonic?
Yes, he`s saved him enough times.
Even I don`t care about Sonic
Please, are you kidding? < No?
No he`s a roosterroach! Lol
11. Has Shadow ever cried?
Yes, when Chris reminded him of Maria.
Never, he`s the ultimate lifeform.
No, but I will make him
Yes, he`s also a roosterroach.

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Created on:7/27/2008 8:56:21 AM
Made by:mimzy13

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