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Do you know me???
Do you know me??? Lets find out....

1. Whats my favorite song?
Party rock anthem-LMFAO
Falling Down-Nick Carter
Bye Bye Bye-Nsync
Swinging door-Edens Edge
Sexy and I know it-LMFAO
Dream on-Aerosmith
Crawling-Linkin Park
Lazy Song-Bruno Mars
Lips Of An Angel-Hinder
Sweet Child O` Mine- Guns N` Roses
2. What my 2 favorite colors???
Red and Black
Orange and Yellow
Purple and Lime green
Black and Black
Brown and Green
Blue and Pink
None of these combinations
3. What 2 jobs do I want when I get out of high school
doctor and genesist
gynocologist and dental assistant
I duno y don`t you tell me? (ME: Well that the whole point of this quiz)
Ultrasound technician and Daycare worker
nothing just want to sit at home and chillax
4. Were do I like to volunteer
Animal shelter
What are you talking about?? I KNOW you don`t like to volunteer. DUH
5. Whats my 2 favorite animals
Dogs and horses
Cats and Fish
Snake and Rats
Dolphin and Shark
Kangaroo and Rhino
6. What are my itials?

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Created on:12/4/2011 8:57:50 PM
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