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Do you know the lyrics to my fave songs?
Do you know...

1. And if you asked me if I loved him
I`d lie
I`d say yes
I`d say no
his favorite color`s green
2. That`s what you get
when you`re being stupid
when you let your heart win
when you`re cheating on me
3. You change your mind like a girl changes
4. Should`ve said No
Should`ve gone home
Should`ve thought twice for you let it all go
Should`ve thought it through
but you said yes
5. And I`m only me
when you`re not around
Our song
when i`m with you
6. You`re vain
your games
your insecure
you make me love you
7. I`ll keep you my dirty little secret don`t tell
anyone or you`ll be just another reject
anyone or you`ll be just another request
8. I`m still a rockstar, i got my rock moves
and i don`t need you tonite
i don`t want you tonite
I`m alright, I`m just fine

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Created on:10/11/2008 4:19:16 PM
Made by:XiheartboysX

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