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Do you know the lyrics?  quiz. well do you?

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Do you know the lyrics?
well do you? (e)

1. finish: " the world we knew won`t come back ,the time we`ve lost can`t get it back.......
the life we had won`t be ours again!"
the love we`ve shared has gone forever!"
the earth has come to an end!"
2. don`t want to lay me down tis time,drown my will to fly...
you have abandoned me,and i can`t break free
here in the darkness i know myself,can`t break free untill i let it go
pain without love pain can`t get enough pain like it rough cuz i`d rather feel pain then nothing at
3. help me out ,yeah,you know ya gotta help me out ,yeah,...
no don`t you put me on the back burner,ya know ya gotta help me out
ya gotta help me out cuzi`ll die if ya don`t
i`ve got soul but i`m not a soldier,i`v got soul but i`m not a solier, ect....
4. when i fall and all is lost its where i belong
if you wanna find me,i`m on cloud nine
and if i get lost on my way to you come find me, ect...
if you wanna live,let live,if you wanna go,let go, ect...
5. who sings question #1?
evanesense(spelling may b rong)
3 days grace
linkin park
6. question #2?
3 days grace
7. #3?
cradle of filth
red hot chili peppers
8. who sings "breath into me" ?
linkin park
breaking benjamin
9. i saw 1 gaze frozen in time waching me passing by...
and i swear i`ll know your face in the croud, ect...
i`ll hear your voice so loud,when your whispering, ect...
10. eez me queez kool? = is my quiz cool (will affect)
yeez = yes

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Created on:8/22/2007 8:21:14 PM

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