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Do you know John? He thinks you don`t. quiz. From the book "You Don`t Know Me"

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Do you know John? He thinks you don`t.
From the book "You Don't Know Me" (e)

1. What does John say is pretending to be his tuba?
A whale
A frog
A lizard
A dog
2. Who are the Lashasa Palulu?
A singing group
A danceing group
A tribe that doesn`t exist
...I don`t know...
3. What does John call Gloria?
My magical gal
That girl
Glory Hallelujah
4. Who is the man who is not John`s father?
His step father
His teacher
His priciple
...His father...?
5. Who does John end up with?
Gloria (Glory)
Amy (Ammimi)
Violet (Violent Hayes)
6. Is John abused?
Yes, by his mother
Yes, by his "father"
Yes, by his father
7. Who is Mrs. Moonface?
A moon
A woman married to a guy named Moonface
John`s social studies teacher
John`s math teacher
8. What song does John get a tuba solo in?
The Love Song of the Bullfrog
The Prance of the Moose
The War Cry of the Ostridge
He doesn`t get a tuba solo

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