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.Do you know your books?
u better know ur books. Just Kidding

1. What author wrote this book "The Case of the Golden Boy?"
Jenny Nimmo
Eric Wilson
Garth Nixx
Eric Watson
Darren Shan
Roy Mcgregor
2. What are the three gruesome demons in Darren Shans book "Demon Apocolypse?"
Artery, Femur, Spine
Artery, Femur, Neck
Femur, crap, cheek
Neck, Tonsils, Liver
Dude, Other Dude, Demon
Joseph, Craig, Mark
3. Who was th author of the novel called "The Raven?"
Garth Nixx
Jenny NImmo
Edgar Nemoy
Edgar Allen Poet
Edgar Allen Poe
Tabitha Gordon
4. Who wrote the series of "the Lord of the Rings?"
Jenny Nimmo
Edgar Allen Poe
J.R.R. Tolkien
J.K. Rowling
J.R.R. Rowling
5. Who wrote the series of "Harry Potter?"
Jenny Nimmo
Edgar Allen Poe
J.R.R. Tolkien
J.K. Rowling
J.K. Tolkien
Garth Nixx
Roy Mcgregor
6. Who wrote the series of "The Keys to the Kingdom?"
Garth Nixx
Jenny Nimmo
Roy Mcgregor
Stephan King
Jared Ciena
7. Who wrote the series of "The Screech Owls?"
Patrick Roy
Roy Mcgregor
Garth NIxx
Jenny Nimmo
Jared Ciena
Edgar Allen Poe
8. Who are the two most gruesome authors of all?
Darren Shan and Jenny Nimmo
Darren Shan and Edgar Allen Poe
Darren Shan and Stephan King
Stephan King and Garth Nixx
Stephan King and Jared Ciena
Just Stephan King
9. Is Jared Ciena a real author?
Who cares...
Hell Ya

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