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Do you Know about Horrid Henry?
do you know about that TV series and the books of it.

1. What is Henry`s brothers name?
Perfect Peter
Tidy Ted
Rude Ralph
Dumb Dan
2. What three books are in the 3 books in one A giant slice of Horrid Henry?
Horrid Henry`s stinkbomb, Horrid Henry`s underpants and Horrid Henry meets the queen.
Horrid Henry, Horrid Henry and the secret club and Horrid Henry tricks the tooth fairy.
Horrid Henry`s nits, Horrid Henry get`s rich quick and Horrid Henry`s house.
Horrid Henry and the mummy`s curse, Horrid Henry`s revenge and Horrid Jenry and the bogey babysitter
3. How many vegetables has Henry got to eat so he get`s to go to Gobble and Go?
4. What`s the name of Horrid Henry`s best friend?
Rude Ralph
Moody Margaret
Sour Susan
Loopy Linda
5. Who is Horrid Henry`s enemy?
Moody Margaret
Loopy Linda
Sour Susan
Perfect Peter

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