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What do you know about the Hidden Forest  quiz. Probably nothing  but let s find out  The Hidden Forest is a secret world  which portals lead to  It s real  I saw it with my own eyes  Moving on   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What do you know about the Hidden Forest?
Probably nothing, but let's find out. The Hidden Forest is a secret world, which portals lead to. It's real! I saw it with my own eyes! Moving on...

1. What is an inner animal?
Your favorite animal
The creature you have inside your heart, the one you represent.
2. Where do people with inner animals go when they die?
They go to heaven
They become that animal
They`re just gone, okay?
3. Are there people in the hidden forest?
No. There is no animals or people there, only plants.
No. The animals eat them as soon as they enter the portal.
Yes, tons and tons!
Perhaps a few, as long as they don`t destroy nature.
Yes, but only small cities of them.
4. Do 9 tailed kitsunes exist?
What in the world are kitsunes?
Sure, that means fox, right? But nine tails? What?
Yes, but only in the Hidden Forest.
Yes, everywhere on earth
5. Who controls the hidden forest?
God, duh.
A poo.
Mother nature
6. What is a wolfeather?
I have no stinking idea!
A winged wolf
A feathered wolf, no wings
The same thing as a fico matter.
7. Does the hidden forest exist?
What is it anyways?
8. Last question: Do you swear to always protect nature and animals?
Of course
I`ll try/maybe

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