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What do you know about hermione?
Just bored

1. What is hermiones first line in the first movie
Holy cricket!
Have you seen a toad?
You are?
Are you doing magic?
Let us see then
You have dirt on your nose
2. in the second movie why is hermione perilized ( how did she see herself)
3. In the third movie whodoes hermione slap ?
4. In the forth movie who saves her from the black lake?
Harry Potter
Cedric Digory
Victor Krum
Fleur Delecour
Charlotte Delecour
Cho chang
Ron Weasley
5. In the fifth movie what happens to hermione at the end
gets knocked out
Gets a bloody nose
Her godfather dies
Her brains is magiclly pulled out
6. in the sixth book which does hermione do?
Watch dumbledore be killed
fight a death eater
retreat with the younger students
7. Who does hermione marry and have kids with in the last book.

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