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Do you know about foxes  quiz.   The Red Fox is about the size of a large cat   In fact  although it is a member of the dog family  some of it       s habits are very cat like as well   Appearance wise  it has a reddish coat with white underneath and a big bushy tail with normally a white tip  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Do you know about foxes?
The Red Fox is about the size of a large cat. In fact, although it is a member of the dog family, some of it’s habits are very cat like as well. Appearance wise, it has a reddish coat with white underneath and a big bushy tail with normally a white tip.

1. Red foxes live around the world in many diverse habitats including forests, grasslands, mountains, and deserts
A. True
B False
2. Does the fox adapt well to human environments?
A. Yes
B. No
3. What is a fox?
A. Dumb
B. Intelligent
4. What do foxes hunt?
A. Rodents, rabbits, and birds
B. Insects and bugs
C. Deer, elk, and antelope
5. If living among humans, foxes will opportunistically dine on garbage and pet food.
A. True
B. False
6. What is an advantage of having a tail for the fox?
A. Beauty
B. Quickness
C. Balance
7. Foxes also signal each other by making scent posts—urinating on trees or rocks to announce their presence
A. True
B. False
8. In what season do foxes mate?
A. Summer
B. Spring
C. Winter
D. Autum
9. Femals usually give birth to how many pups?
A. 7-10
B. 2-12
C. 8-15
10. At birth, red foxes are actually brown or gray. A new red coat usually grows in by the end of the first month, but some red foxes are golden, reddish-brown, silver, or even black.
A. True
B. False
11. Do both parents of the pups help out until fall, then they can live on there own?
B. No
12. Foxes are hunted for sport, though not extensively, and are sometimes killed as destructive pests or frequent carriers of rabies
A, True
B. False
13. What is the scientific name for fox?
A. Canis Lupas
B. Lucas Forus
C. Tellatori Demi
D. Vulpes vulpes
14. Foxes are a member of the dog family, the Canidae and for this reason they are known as canids.
A. True
B. False
15. Wolves, coyotes, arctic foxes and the domestic dog are also canids
A. True
B. False
16. Black foxes are known as what?
A. Stone Foxes
B. Silver Foxes
C. Night Foxes
D. Shadow Foxes
E. Dark Foxes
F. Evil Foxes
17. A variant that is only present in North America is the cross fox. Cross foxes have a prominent black stripe along the spine and a stripe along the shoulders at a right angle, which gives the appearance of being a cross.
A. True
B. False
18. How big is a fox?
A. As big as a wolf
B. As big as a cat
C. A little bit bigger than a cat
D. As big as a coyote
E. A little bit bigger than a jackal
19. How long do wild foxes usually live?
A. 5 years
B. No more than a couple years
C. 10 years
20. How long do captive foxes live?
A. 10 years
B. 15 years
C. 14 years
D. 22 years
E. 57 years
21. In rural areas where lethal fox control is applied, up to 80% of a fox population is less than one year old. In Bristol and London, about half of the population is one year of age and only about 3% is older than five years.
A. True
B. False

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