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what do you know about cats
find out what you know about cats

1. Do cats like fish?
no-they like eggs
NO never not of any sort
yeah obviosly
2. Are most calico cats female?
yes-99.9% are
most are but probably just 60/100
no only 20/100 are
no-they are 10
3. How much do cats sleep in a day?
15-20 hours
2 hours
10 hours
4. Do cats like water?
not at all
why would you think so
yeah obviosly
5. why do cats like catnip?
because they like the smell
because they like the taste
they dont like it
because it smells bad and they like bad smelling things- right?
why would you think they like it- just because its called CATnip?

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Created on:2/21/2021 5:49:39 AM
Made by:catycat

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