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What would you do if you woke up as a cat?
This is based of the Warrior cat website!

1. You wake up in your bed and find yourself a cat do you...
deside to live in your own house
Maybe in a barn with a few friends
Alone or plotting crimes with friends
In a tree??
In the river
Under the trees
By a swamp
On the moor
2. You are able to join a clan, which one
3. You meet the clan leader do you..
Brag about their past
freak out
just ask to join
4. What would you say about your own past?
I have no memory of my past
I don`t like discussing it
I was a twoleg and I transformed
I don`t even understand my own
5. What would you say your name is
umm... What my name is,duh!
A name like Cherry, Scar, or another just prefix name
A prefix,but request a suffix
6. Would you believe in Starclan?
YES! I am loyal!
I guess....
NEVER! IT`s a Kit tale
no, never heard of it

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Created on:6/24/2016 4:27:18 PM
Made by:peachrain

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