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Do You Have True Friends  quiz. Hey  i got this quiz from this book i m reading so technically i didn t make it up    oh well  Just take the stupid quiz and i hope you like it AND COMMENT AND RATE WHEN YOU FINISH      I NEED MORE COMMENTS ON THIS QUIZ   KEEP COMMENTING  PEOPLE        D Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Do You Have True Friends?
Hey, i got this quiz from this book i'm reading so technically i didn't make it up... oh well! Just take the stupid quiz and i hope you like it!AND COMMENT AND RATE WHEN YOU FINISH!!!!! I NEED MORE COMMENTS ON THIS QUIZ!! KEEP COMMENTING, PEOPLE!!!!!! :D

1. It`s a Friday night, and your friends want to go tot he movies. But you`re totally grounded. What does your clique do?
Choose one person to hang with you while the others hit the cineplex
Go over to your house and have a movie marathon
Go to the movies and leave you at home, but promis to hang with you when your grounding is up
2. The most popular girl in school hates you. She vows to socially destroy anyone who is friendly with you. How do your friends react?
Leave you alone to fend for yourself
Take a stand and stick with you, willing to risk total social disaster
Hang with you, but only when no one`s watching
3. You drop you`re tray in the lunchroom and spill spagetti all over your new shirt. What do your friends do?
Applaud and laugh with the rest of the caf
Go to the bathroom awith you and help wash off the sauce
Hurry to their lockers and loan you anything they can find
4. You spent Saturday night at a sleepover with a bunch of your friends. But now it`s Sunday and you`re totally not prepared for the big test tommorow. What do your pals do?
Loan you some of their notes and then head home to crash
Although they`re fried from lack of sleep, they haul over to your house for a cram session
Tell you you`re on your own, they`re too tired to help you
5. At lunch, you tell your friends who you secretly lie and make them promise to never date them. The next day, your friend is asked to the dance by your crush. What does she do?
Says "No thank you", and goes to the dance with you
Immediatly says "Okay!", and then kisses him at the dance
Accidentally says "Yes", then later apologizes to you

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