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Do you have the secret 8th sense?
i dont trust anyone with a tanaka-kun icon

1. How far do you run on a daily basis?
far far
i dont run
i only run for major discounts
i walk,
2. Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?
yes, i have three local businesses in my area
i`m not french
3. Do you feel?
i heal
what is there to feel
ever since my favorite character died i have felt nothing
i dont have paw pads
4. Is mother not your english language?
jyp dreams
do not panic
i do not understand
5. What is your stand power??
skittles hosepipe
lack of education
guilt tripping babies
finger with a laser pointer
jazz hands

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Created on:6/22/2016 12:31:24 PM
Made by:lemontootie

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