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Do You Have Annoying/Paranoid Parents??
...... I was Bored.......:P

1. Do your Parents Care About Your Grades?
No.. I could get an F and they`ll be happy
Yes..I could only get A`s (so stressing!)
They do but they aren`t that strict with `em
I don`t know
2. Do Your Parents Let You Go To Sleepovers??
Yeah.. but I don`t ask them
No they think something "bad"will happen to me like getting shot in my friend`s house
Yes they do but I have to ask.
I still don`t know...(Me: Do you know anything??)
3. Do Your Parents Hit You?
Nope and I`m glad they don`t
They hit and yell at me! :( (Me: awww)
Only a little slap and that`s only when I behave bad
4. Do you Have To Do Chores?
Yes They think that cleaning is "fun".
Yes but doesn`t everyone have to?
Nope I just trash the house and leave my mom to clean the house.
5. Do You Get An Allowance? How Much?
No I don`t but if I did I would only get $10 the most...
Yes I do. I get butt-loads of money. $400-$800 a Day!
Yeah I do. $50-$!00 every month
6. Do Your Parents Set Up Curfews?
Yes but On weekends I could stay up as late as I want
Nope I could stay up all night every night!! WOOT!
Yes I have to go to sleep at 7:00 every night including weekends..
7. Do You Curse In Front of Your Parents??
Yes becasue they do it too.
No if I did i would recieve a real hard smack on my face.
No But if i did and it was by accident they would forgive me :)
i don`t know (ME: ughh you`re back!!)
8. Do Your Parents Let You Listen To Music??
Yes they do nothing`s wrong with it..
No they think it`s bad for my brain.
Pffft. They let me listen to whatever I want whenever I want. Haha
9. Do Your Parents Put Parental Control On Your T.V./Computer?
No tehy trust me enough to let me watch what I want.
My parents let me watch anything . they don`t know how to put on parental controls. *stupid parents*
Yes they keep an eye on everything I do. I can`t even lock my own door without them being suspicious
10. Do Your Parents Overreact when You Get Hurt??
Nope they just leave me to clean up my own messes
Oh Yes They do! They bring bags of first aid kits and cry if I start to bleed
They don`t overreact they just help me clean my wounds.
11. Last Question:Will You Rate/Comment
I don`t know (ME:.....GET OUT!!)
My parents won`t let me talk to strangers

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