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Do you have an animal spirit  wolf  within you  quiz. Yup    another wolf quiz    also this is my first quiz so please don t hate if its terrible  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Do you have an animal spirit (wolf) within you?
Yup... another wolf quiz... also this is my first quiz so please don't hate if its terrible.

1. Imagine you are walking outside. What does it look like?
It is a moonlit forest, with trees and soft moss and a burbling stream
It is a clear, cool day in the piney moutains. There is snow on the ground.
You are walking along a quiet street, some shops and many trees around. It is softly drizzling.
You are walking down a road, the sky is blue and the trees have autum leaves on.
It is a grassy, flowery meadow, with sparce trees and a bright sun and clear blue sky up above.
A beautiful tropical beach, withwhite sand and aqua clear water.
2. You are swamped with homework, and will have to stay up late to get it all done. What do you do?
Stay up late and get it all done, occasionally texting my friends to see if I got the right answer.
Create a 4 or 5 way call with a couple friends, and work together on it.
Invite a friend over to help you get it done. Two heads are better than one!
Invite a bunch of friends over and get it done, then have fun. Party!
Get done what you can, and finish it in the morning.
Get all of the answers from your friends in homeroom.
3. Its an ordinary Wednesday morning, what do you wear to school?
Jeans. A casual shirt.
Jeans and a patterned stirt.
Tight jeans and an awesome shirt.
A pair of shorts and a mathching shirt, preferable pink/purple
Sparkles! anything sparkley. And patterened jeans!
A cute dress with matching shoes.
A stylish outfit that fits your mood for the day.
4. You decide to get some scents for your room. Which do you get?
Light, earthy, fresh, and nature scents; lavender, lemons, rain-kissed leaves, pines,vanilla
Bright, bold scents; cinnamin, peppermint, pumpkin spice, flowers
Cool, relaxing, peaceful scents; light peppermints and cinnimons, clean linen, sea breeze, etc.
Sweet scents; chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, anything sugary, honey, caramel, cookies, ice cream
5. Pick a favorite food.
Meat. Nuff` said.
Meat w/ noodles and some veggies
Anything with chocolate. Anything.
Bright peppers and other veggies/fruits.
Ice cream!!!!!
GRASS!!!!! (me: you sicko)
6. Choose a word!
Pine Trees
Tacos XD
7. Choose a plant, (lol sorry getting bored and random)
Venus Flytrap
Water Lily
Oak tree
Pine tree
TACO PLANT!!!!!!!! (ok so not a real plant but who cares?!)
8. Fate!!!!

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