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Do you have abs?
Find out if you belly has abs or flabs.

1. Sit down, bend over, and lift up your shirt. What do you see?
a few rolls of fat hanging over my pants
my ribs and a flat stomach
my belly, what else?
fat rolls, but I think they`re turning into abs
my six-pack, duh
2. Now pinch that tummy! How much can you grab?
I can grab some skin.
You can`t grab muscle
three or four handfuls of flab
maybe an inch or two of fat
just a layer of fat that`s covering my rock-hard abs
3. Do you like to weigh yourself?
Yeah! I get to see how much progress I`m making.
Not really because the number always goes up.
Yeah! The number is always going up, but muscle weighs more than fat, right?
4. Put on a pair of jeans and sit down. Do you have a muffin top?
I have a TINY one if I`m wearing a belt
Eww no way that`s gross!
It`s normal to have a few inches of fat hanging over your jeans
My muffin top is huge even when I stand up
5. Stand up and jump up and down in front of a mirror. What happens?
I see myself and my ribs in the mirror.
My flab is still bouncing up and down.
I see a firm stomach that`s not moving at all.
My belly jiggled for like half a second.
My abs just jiggled a little.
6. Push your finger into your stomach. How far in does it go?
Maybe a quarter of an inch.
It goes in pretty far, but I know I have abs underneath.
All I feel is my ribs.
My finger can`t go into my rock-hard tum.
At least half of my finger sinks into my belly.
7. Do you feel comfortable wearing a bikini at the pool?
Yeah I don`t mind.
Duh. Why wouldn`t I want to show off my tummy?
No, my flab jiggles way too much when I walk.
I`ll wear one, but I feel uncomfortable when I sit down because I get fat rolls on my belly.
No, I`m embarrassed of my ribs that stick out so much.
Definitely, I like showing off my abs even though I get a muffin top.
8. What happens when you do a sit-up?
All the fat on my stomach bunches up into rolls and I`m too tired to do any more.
I`m pretty winded, but I can already feel a six-pack coming on!
I do a sit-up, no big deal.
I love sit-ups! I can probably do 99 more of them!
9. What`s your BMI?
<18.5 (underweight)
18.5-24.9 (healthy)
25-29.9 (overweight)
30+ (obese)
10. What do you think your belly is like?
toned and muscular
average sized with a tiny bit of fat
a lot of belly fat that hangs over my waistband
hollow and concave
abs of steel that kind of jiggle sometimes

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