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Do you have a pure heart?
Is your heart honest and pure, or not?

1. If you had done something wrong but could get away with it by lieing you would...
Tell the truth, even if I get into trouble
Depends on what I did
2. When you look at pictures of natural disasters do you feel like donating money?
Yes, Id want to help those poor people!
I want to help but i wont do anything
No, I dont care
3. When you hear of expencive celerbrations you wonder how poeple could spend so much when there are people dieng of poverty
Yes, all the time
Sometimes, it depends how much money.
No, spending money is fun!
4. If you happen to think bad of your enemy do you think badly of yourself after?
Yes, even if theyr my enemy I shouldnt do it.
Depends why they are my enemy...
No! They deserve it.
5. You watch someone have something unjust happen to them, what do you do?
Go stand up/ help them
You want to help but you to scared or embarrased.
Ignor them, pretend you didnt see it happen
6. Do you say sorry to yourself/God/someone, when you do something bad, even if it was a mistake?
I have to or ill feel guilty.
Depends on how badder thing it was
No, i dont care.
7. You see a little girl crying you...
Go over and help them, see whats wrong.
Feel sad but dont do anything
Your the one that made her cry.
8. You see a young mum (16 years bellow) out walking her kid, you
You dont do anything. You cant judge people you dont know
You feel a little shocked/upset, but dont do/say anything
Go and annoying her and start talking about underaged-sex

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Created on:6/30/2008 6:04:01 AM
Made by:Crying_Shame

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