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Do you have a life?
do you have a worthy enough life for living

1. So, Your marooned on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere, what do you do?
Make a ginormous fire for aircrafts to see
i kill myself now, saving trouble for myself
I try to survive and thrive building a new colony for one person
wait for help to come
I make friends with the canibals - ickyle wakawak aching cahg -
2. Crap! A bully stole your lunch money.
Beat the pumbles out of the buttwipe!!
I am too coward so i walk away and cry
cut myself later
steal someone else`s lunch money
3. *tear* You bf/gf just broke up with you.
aww ma- hey look at that hottie over there..
*shuts myself away for eternity*
*becomes a zombie by only doing the essentials*
get over it all ready
4. Oh my god!! An alien spaceship just crashed into your multimillion dollar house!!
What. oh no they did not!
beat the crap out of them aliens
now where is my chainsaw
5. A squirrel just stole your banana.
what, awwwww its soooo adorable
well then
yes!! thats my life goal. to have a squirrel steal my banana
well no nuts for them
6. Well bye bye
bye... - weirdo -
BYE - wow that was a good quiz -
7. HA! tricked you
yep you did

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Created on:4/6/2008 7:11:46 PM
Made by:fergie094

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