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Do you hate the Jonas Brother`s like me?
Just to see if you hate them :)

1. If you met them, what would you say?
I would say I hate you, and then kick the crap out of them.
I would say nothing.
I would ask for an atograph.
I would ask for a hug.
I would ask for there number.
2. Ok, you get free tickets too there show, would you go?
Yes, I would take a bat that I hide and kill them!! :)
I don`t know, maybe to hang out with my friends so, I guess I would go.
Depends qhat I`m doing
yes, I would bring friends and go backstage to meet them.
3. Okay, you go to the concert, what do you do? (You have really good seats)
Beat them to death!
I never went.
Watch the concert, duh!
Go backstage after a song and meet them.
Go upstage and dance/sing with them.
4. What bag would you have if they were giving them away?
One with an axe through there heads!
A plain one.
One with all or them on it.
One with my favorite on it.
One with me and my favorite on it!!!
5. If you could have one night with them. what would you do?
Kill them :)
Go to dinner
Give me atographs to sell
Ask to meet other famous people.
Ask to make me famous
6. If you could kill them, what weapons would you use?
:) A gun
A knife
A bag
A plate (Whack in the head)
Or in they`re sleep (Medicene)
7. (Last question) If you had to invite them to dinner, what would you do?
Food poition
Ask if we could go buy ice cream
ASk for them to stay longer
Propose to them
8. Did you like the quiz? (Sorry, I hit new question by accident)
In the middle
It was okay
You hated it

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Created on:5/5/2008 10:19:27 AM
Made by:falloutgurl3

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