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do you got what it takes to love dogs cats horses  and bunnies  quiz. lets find out if you really do love like these animals  title says it all  have fun on all quizzes of mine Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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do you got what it takes to love dogs,cats,horses, and bunnies?
lets find out if you really do love/like these animals, title says it all. have fun on all quizzes of mine.

1. whats the aspca do for the pets?
helps them so they dont get treated poorly
its a adoption center
its like a vet
it shows people how well they should care for pets
its just a group for animals
all above
none of above
2. do you think you should join aspca? heres why right now a animal needs ya so call now. or go on the website...and find out how...i did, so can you make a difference.
thats true
allright, and Ok!
i will join soon
i will have to talk to my family
i joined
im on it now.
no thanks
i will spread the word
3. whats your fave animal out of all of these?
all above and etc
4. how many pets do you have? well for the last options i had said a range, may not be right, sorry.
more pets and numbers of them
less than 4 or i got one of all dogs, cats horses, or bunnies...and not other ones
i have all dogs and 1-3 etc
i got all cats 1-4ish etc
i got all horses 1-3 or etc
got bunnies 1-2...
5. do you get a pet after that one leaves you>> in other word passes away? awww, i hate that got a empty space, and feel you lost a mom or dad...awww. especially putting down...ugh!!! i`ll stop.
yeah i guess
i dont know
just depends
not sure honestly
maybe maybe not
i just wait awhile, one pet is hard enough to get over
no animal would replace my baby pet...aww
my pet didnt die or get put down, but my family recently put a cat down, but i wasnt around then
ughhhh, this topic toooo sad, and HARD
6. do you take car of your pets, and give me all the TLC?? and your the cargiver
of course
no no no
not really
i do a lot
you abuse...dont pick this one and exit this quiz...not what we are here for

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Created on:5/26/2008 5:57:33 PM
Made by:FloridasGal2

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