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Do you give in to peer pressure?
See if you give in to peer pressure. Do you always follow your friends?

1. How many friends do you have?
None! I like to be alone.
Too many to count!
2. Do you consider yourself popular?
Kind of. In my own social group i am.
No. I dont care though.
3. You find out that your friend did something really bad at school. She tells you to keep quiet about it. Do you tell anyone?
Yea. The teachers should know if something bad happens.
Only my friends. I cant just keep it bottled up.
No. I would never betray my friend no matter what!
4. You totally got the most gorgeous pair of shoes. Your freinds love them and want to buy them too. Do you let them?
Of course! It would be cool to have the same shoes!
Maybe. I kind of want to be unique.
No. I want to be different and original.
5. Your friends keep on telling you to do something you know is not right. Do you still do it?
No! If its not right then there is no point!
It depends how wrong it is...
Ya. I dont want to seem uncool.
6. You find out that your friend has been dating your crush behind your back. What do you do?
Let her have him. She made the move before me.
Ask her to talk. We can comprimise.
Tell her that you liked him first and make your move.
7. That was the last question.
That was a nice quiz.

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Created on:5/10/2008 3:46:12 PM
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