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Do you get easily distracted?
I do...

1. Can you do work easily?
No it takes forever
Yes really easil
2. Look!!!!A Chocolate Squirrel moving!!
*looks around slowly*No there`s not(you still looked!
No there`s not don`t lie to my face!
3. K so who daydreams a lot?
I do every day
Sometimes if I get bored
No dreaming is for sleeping(your a bit boring!)so
4. Do you fall a lot?
Yes I`m very clumsy
Only if I`m looking at something else but the ground!(cool!)
No I`m very stable on my feet(okay your officially very boring!
5. Do you go somewhere and then get there and then forget what you went there for?
That happens to me all the time!
Quite a lot!
Not at all!(WOW!)

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Times Taken:2,044
Created on:1/1/2015 9:58:40 AM
Made by:DemiGod16

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