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Do you follow your heart or your head
Which one do you follow?

1. What is your favorite subject?
The arts: painting, singing, music, that sort of stuff
2. What color represents you the best?
cool, ocean blue
energetic orange
southing black
contestant grey
sporty red
strong green
3. If your room was on fire and you had only time to escape with ONE thing what would you take?
my pillow, its so soft and comfortable!
my piggy bank, i`ll need the money to buy all my stuff that just burned
A picture of me and my bff, you can`t replace memories
A warm blanket
Cuddles my teddy bear that I`ve had since I can remeber
clothes! what will i do without those!
Nothing! don`t you know the first rule is to get yourself out and safe...duh
4. What do you do in your spare time?
i am a music lover and fit it into my life whenever and however possible
i am on the newspaper committee
I belong to a charitable club that saves the world!
I belong to thousands of clubs, and extracurricular activities! (colleges love that sorta of stuff)
drama, drama, drama
5. Do your emotions ever get out of hand?
I get angry so easily
Not really but I am pretty sensitive
No I am clam cool and collected
I am a pretty clam guy, except when someone hurts one of mine friends, then they`re gona get it!
6. Do you believe in magic?
yes, yes, and duh
I want to but no
I believe in miracles and isn`t that the same as magic
NO, childish nonsense
7. Thanks for taking my quiz, will you plz comment and/or rate?
Yes!!!! I love this quiz
I will rate
I will comment
no, this is stupid

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Created on:8/15/2009 11:13:56 PM
Made by:seawater

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