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How do you fight?
Are you a warrior, a ranger, a wizard, or a rogue?

1. Which do you prefer?
Long range
Close range
2. What do you want to be?
A magician
A wrestler
A ninga
An archer
All/most of the above
3. Sword or bow?
4. Which best describes you?
A Person that buys lots of toy bows to fiddle and play with, also that buys some targets and darts.
A Person that buys fake toy daggers and longswords.
A person that buys magic sets and wands to try out.
A person that likes baseball and hockey.And dosen`t care that they are hard.
5. If you could choose only ONE ability for life, what would it be?
ULTRA strength
Expert archer
Super stealth
Magic mayhem
6. Last. What is your favorite movie out of these?
Harry Potter
The Muppet Show

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Created on:9/26/2015 3:39:44 PM
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