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Do You Fall In Love Easily?
Do You Fall In Love Easily? Find Out x

1. You see a really good-looking girl/boy do you....
Feel Your Heart Racing For Her/Him.. You Desire Them..
Feel Like You Want Them But Have Second Thoughts?...
Feel The Same,Normal.
2. In a biology lesson, you and your lab partner (who is the opposite sex) reach for the scalpel at the same time your hands touch for 3 seconds...
-Shrugs- So?
-Sighs Dreamily-
3. You watch a film, where the lead character is good-looking and who is a triple threat: Sing,Dance,Act. Do you fall for the character? (NOT THE ACTOR/ACTRESS)
Yeah.. but i know the reality is we`ll never be.
Yes, I`ll always want them.. NO MATTER WHAT!
No,they`re just a character from a film.
4. Which of these statements do you believe is most how you feel about love at first sight.
Love at first sight.. they may be good looking but you never know what they might be like underneath
Love at first sight ...Is an attraction you instantly feel for someone and always will.
Love at first sight ...It`s rumor or a myth...
5. Sorry this is a short quiz. But I hope you liked it!!!
It was cool!
Great Thanks!

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Created on:10/30/2009 3:48:13 PM
Made by:SilverHeartz

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