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What do your eyes say to people?
What do people see in you when they look in your eyes?

1. Your eyes are usually...
half open
wide open
looking down
I dont make eye contact
2. When you are talking to someone, you :
Keep eye contact, it shows respect
keep eye contact, but not for too long
dont meet their eyes
stare into their eyes
3. How would you describe yourself?
quiet, shy
mean, rude, obnoxious
im not sure how i would describe myslef.
quiet, maybe a bit sad at times
angry, at what i dont know
4. How many friends do you have? (about)
2 or 3, just a close group
10? or so?
too many
everyone loves me!!!
who needs friends?
i have friends, but i like to be on my own
5. What are your friends like?
crazy, fun
mean, rude, obnoxious
i hang out with the emos
its a variety
6. As a whole, how much like you are your friends?
we`re exactly alike
weve got a bunch of different people
i have no friends
most of them are alike, but i stick out like a sore thumb
7. (i hate to say this, but i gotta know) What would you consider yourself among your group of friends?
im like the leader of the pack
We dont have anything like that, we`re all equal
i sort of am on the edge
im just... normal, not leader, not loner

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