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Do you ever have to pee really bad?
yea its exactly how it sounds!! (e)

1. do you always make it on time?
wellllll.....holda sec i have to go the bathroom
wait a sec while i go change my pants
im wiggling in my seat but i dont pee my pants.
2. how many pairs of pants do you go threw a day?
One!!!! thats all i need
i stopped counting
ones that come down realy fast in case of an emergency
3. What color are you sheets?
purple to match the rest!!!!
green..........or yellow.......come to think of it i think they started out white.
who needs sheets
4. how old are you?
wow thats wierd
5. wow
that was a little distubing
i really connected with my self during this test....NOT it was stupid
lets just get the result already!!!!

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Times Taken:10,241
Created on:10/25/2007 1:48:24 PM
Made by:shanea14

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