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Do you dress like your Grandmother?
Everybody wants to be Hip now-a-days, but are You?????

1. What does the word "Hip" mean to you?
A word that means, "Bam!" look at my awsome clothes ya all!
What?!?!? WHAT?!?! *turns up hearing aid* My hip? My hip is FAKE you old coot, now leave me alone!
"Hip" is a lie. I wear whatever I want, whenever I want.
Like...Isent that like a bone or something?
2. Favorite color to wear:
Bright colors
Dark colors
Flower prints
Im a nudest! Leave me alone!!!!
3. What is your idea of a "good time"?
Playing video games
Playing sports
Watching sports
Anything that has to do with yarn!
4. Do you like Amusement Parks?
No!!!!! Crazy little children running all over the place! And dont get me started on the rides.....
Not realy
5. Your "Must have" accessory is...
A cane
A big boom box
6. Your walking along the road when suddenly someone jumps out of a bush, "Give me all your money!"
Never! *hits man with purse*
*beats up the guy with a little Kirate*
*trys to run*

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