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Do the creepypastas like you
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1. Lucy: Okee dokee, let’s get started y/n. Ya ready toots?
Yes... Lucy: shy?
you saw what Jane did to Lulu. Bad makeover! Lucy: like have eyes to put eyeshadow on. Lulu:*cries*
WHERE’S JEFF? WHERE’S BEN? Lucy: they in hell.
No Lucy: bye then
2. Lucy: Okay. First question. Ben: you like video games? Lucy: HEY! I was gonna say that! Ben: should have been faster sexy.*smirks* Jeff: *growls* Lucy: Nancy
I LOVE THEM! Ben: I like this girl. How about we get out of here and go play them?*smirks* Lucy:naw
eh Lucy: hmmm. So no That’s not what I said! Did you Here me? Lucy: eh*smirks*
No Lucy:another life suckin douch.*smirks*(talkin bout the girl pastas except herself) boys: *laugh*
If Jeff likes them*hugs jeff* Jeff: ew...*pushes you* Lucy:HA!
3. Lucy: do ya know how to twerk? Ben:**smirk* Jane: ew. Why? Lucy: you mad cause you and the other girls twerk bad Li: lucy don’t be me Lucy: bruh, you ain’t my babysitta
I LOVE TWERKING! Ben:twerk then*puts on anaconda* You and Lucy:*twerk* Nina and Lulu: sluts
No Lucy: I’ll teach ya! I need a volunteer!*smirks* Boys:*chanting* LUCY! LUCY! N-never mind
twerking is gross Lucy: no it isn’t! Ben: yeah! She does it all the time! Lucy: yeah! Really?
4. Lucy: okay Jeffy- Boys except Jeff:*laugh* Jeff: don’t call me that Lucy: okay the Jeffy, ask a question Jeff:*rolls eyes* weapon?
Knife Jeff: oh really?*smirks* Lucy: don`t get any ideas or I’ll kill ya*looks at both of you*
Electronics Ben:damn you too?*smiles*
Bat Lucy: YAY!
Gun Jeff: loud Lucy: likes clockwork’s coat*smiles* Clockwork: ass
Tacos Lucy:...that makes sense I know right
5. Liu: do you want to get revenge on someone? Jane: yeah. Lucy: yes. All:*look at jeff* Jeff: asses Lucy: profanity baby!
Yes Lucy:team up and let’s kill that faggot
You mean Jeff? Lucy: yeah dumb ass
What he did to you Lucy? Lucy: he stabbed my best friend and he took a picture of my ass Damn...perv
Your being to hard on him
6. Lucy:you on steroids
7. Lucy:whose thicker, me, Lulu, or Jane Lulu: really, that’s really personal Lucy:shut yer trap!
Jane Lucy: WHAT? THINK AGAIN*raises shirt* Ben and Jeff:*take pictures* Never mind...I choose you
Lulu Lulu:*blushes* Lucy:*pushes Lulu* blush on that bitch*flips hair*(sassy)
You Lucy:Yay! Jane:because sum of yer ancestors wer prostituts big tits Lucy:*puts up middle finger*
8. Sally: would you have a tea party with me?
No Sally:*cries* Lucy:*punches you* ILL KILL YOU!
Yes! Lucy:Aw!
9. Ej: can I have your kidneys? Lucy:boi! Last time you attacked me cause you ran out!
No Ej: ass Lucy: greedy too
Sorry, I need them. Ej:it’s okay
Yeah. Just one Everybody except Ej and you:*shocked*
10. Who ya like?
...Lucy*winks* Lucy:*blushes*
11. Lucy: okay! That’s it. Bye!
12. Fate

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Created on:1/14/2018 9:26:20 PM
Made by:Kitkat1

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