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What Disney`s Tangled Character Are You?
this is one of my favorite movies(:

1. You have just discovered a magical golden flower with the power to heal anything and make you young forever, what do you do?
Keep it all for myself, what`s better than staying young forever?
Dig it up carefully and return it to the palace to help heal the sick queen who is having a baby
Keep it hidden under a fake bush so that i always know where it is and use it whenever i want
Ignore it. What good is it to me?
2. You`ve just decided to break into the King and Queen`s Castle and steal the lost princesses crown, what is your master strategy?
I would never break into the tower, it`s against the law and that i respect.
The tower is my home, at least i think i remember it that way... right?
Enter by a rope being lowered down from the ceiling and steal it right from under the guard`s noses!
Use my trusty frying pan to knock all the guards out(; out(;
Yeah right, i wish mother would let me even step foot from out of my tower..:(
Flash in with magic and with the whirl of my cape i`d be out of sight.
Blend into all the walls like a chameleon cause i CAN.
3. You`ve come across the Snuggly Duckling, a vicious joint home for ruffians, villains, and thugs, they break out into song describing all their dreams, and demand to know what your dream is.. what would you say to them?
Sorry boys, I don`t sing.
I`ve got a dream, I just want to see the floating lanters gleam!
On an island that i own, tan and rested and alone, surround by enormous piles of money!
I don`t dream you idiots! -.-
no need to dream, ive got everything i ever wanted right here(;
4. Uh oh, you and your partner have come across all of the people that you`ve stolen from and it is both of your time to fight for you lives, what do you use as your weapon?
Time to crack out the old frying pan!
My trusty gleaming sword.
My bare hands, theres nothing better than a one on one fist fight!
No need to fight, i`ll just hand everything back over to you, if i get something in return..
Lasso my hair to something on the other side of the gorge and escape!
5. Your true love it standing right in front of you and has been for the longest time, who might this charming young woman or man be?
A small, delicate girl with a wonderful voice and long golden hair with beautiful green eyes(:
A charming, adventurous young man with smooth brown hair and a record for danger and excitment(:
A wicked, devilish woman who doesnt take nonsense from no one and has a tendency to hoard power.
A precious, gorgeous young woman with beautiful brown hair and an amazing voice and personality(:
6. You figure out that you are the lost princess, and have been hiding from everyone for 18 years when you realize the real person you should be hiding from is your `mother`... what do you do?
Confront your "mother" and yell in her face that she wasted 18 years of your life up in that tower!
Stay in your room and cry all day, giving up and knowing theres no way out anymore.
think for a moment, this is serious stuff.. am i really the lost princess? I must be.. I Am.
Don`t say a word about it, and forget it. I`m always second guessing myself anyway:/
Plan an escape late at night and return home, where you belong.
7. Your love has come to rescue you from your devilish `mother` who has chained you in the corner of your tower, she stabs him in the side right in front of you. What do you do?
Scream and try to rip off the rope tied around your mouth causing you not to talk or make noise.
Panic and start kicking insanley while trying to make it over to him in time.
Start to cry hysterically and sit there, watching him die, realizing this is it:(
Try to get up and attack your `mother` with a frying pan like a boss. -.-
Courageously promise your `mother` that if she let you heal him, you would be her`s forever..
8. For once in your life everything is perfect, you have the lost princess in your arms, what do you do?
Take her and kiss her, you finally see the light<3
Live happily every after(:
Turn her in.. it`s worth the money...
Lose her in the woods on purpose just so you can get out of the deal and redeem your satchel.
9. What is your idea of a fun day?
Paper machet, a bit of ballet and chess(:
Read a book, or maybe 2 or 3, add a few new paintings to my gallery!
Play guitar and knit and cook(:
Stretch.. maybe stretch, Take a climb! Sew a dress (:
Running from the law till` my heart`s content!
Using my precious "daughter`s" hair to become young everyday(;
Keep the Kingdom safe.
Playing around with my friend :D
10. You find out just maybe, the one that you love feels the same way! What do you do to get it out of him? c:
Punch him in the arm and play around with him emotions
Take his hand and dance with him, no matter who is watching :)
Sing with him while boating out in a river full of gleaming lanters, holding hands<3
Force it out of him, provoking him.
Hand him his satchel and see how much trust that he shoots toward u, not running away on his promise
11. Your partners in crime are who you stick with your whole life, would you depend on them to have your back in a battle?
YES! they mean the world to me and i`ve shown them complete trust. They would help me no matter what
Sorry but no.. i haven`t been that nice to them in a while..
I`m aquaintences with them, but the one i love i will always help her/him<3
hate them all. period.
12. Lastly, would you risk your freedom for the one you loved?
Yes, i would risk anything for them.
No, my freedom is just as good as theirs.
I don`t know, how long do i have to think it over..?
Loving them, it means more than any freedom in the world to me. <3

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