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Which Disney Princess Are You?
Find out which Disney princess, you are most like!

1. What`s your Prince like?
Romantic and handsome
Strong and adventurous
Courageous and loving
Rough on the outside, teddy bear inside
2. What`s your ideal outfit to meet your prince in?
A beautiful ball gown
Something midriff baring
Something casual and comfortable
3. What do you want from life?
Safety and stability
Something differrent from the norm
4. Which of these is closest to your favorite pastime?
Housekeeping and sewing
Getting into trouble with you parents
5. Where do you want to live?
A huge castle
With supernatural or mysterious creatures
Somewhere in the wilderness
Wherever your prince is

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Created on:3/25/2007 5:23:33 PM
Made by:texanprinces

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