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Which disney character are you?
Which disney character are YOU?

1. Do you have a lot of friends?
Yes! I have a very large group of friends. However, no close ones.
I have one or two really close friends.
I have no friends.
Money is my only friend.
2. How would you descirbe yourself?
A negative, sad, lonely person.
Friendly, bubbly.
Sly, devious.
Wimpish, shy.
Friendly, loyal, quiet.
3. You spend your time....?
Lazying about, watching TV.
Hanging with mates.
Hatching an evil plan.
4. Are you happy in life?
I guess...
5. Are you determined to reach your dream? (Even if it is taking over the world?)
Yes. I WILL reach my goal.
Don`t have a dream.
I suppose i`ll try...
6. Do you like Disney Channel.
It`s reet. I watch it sometimes.

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Created on:2/23/2011 4:24:34 PM
Made by:mizedcullen1

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