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Disney Channel lyrics
Do u know your Disney Channel songs

1. hannah montana-uh oh hear u go again talkin sinamatic yeah you..........
ur charmin, got everbody starstruck
can see the limo out front
can park into our club
2. mitchel musso-i need a kick drum.... a guitar now...... and a bass line.....
and imma show u how
and all i need is a piano and my track now
and all i need is
how to rock and roll
3. hsm3-imagine having everthing we`ve ever dreamed........
can u see it
don`t u want it
4. jobros-well hear we are again.......
were fading fast
no one wins
throwing punch lines
work this out
5. selena gomez-everbody tells i don`t know what i`m doin.......
1 and amillion
got all top they losin
this life i`m persuin
1 and a billion
1 and a zillion
6. Demi L-u fled thrumedication cause it only causes pain......
u mean the world to me even though u might be crazy
inside i was dyin
u won`t go to the doctor he keeps callin u insane
7. E.Osment-i wish we`d be together........
i danced with u
i know u
now forever
8. Ashely T.-don`t ask for much.......
that`s all i need
someone to see
all i want is love
9. hsm1-onec we know who we are were all stars
where we stand
and it shows
and we see that
10. hsm2-once in a lifetime.........
i belevie thta u and me
means there`s no second chance
should grab it while we can
11. miley cyrus-the weekend`s almost done the moon is low.......
i feel like fallin now
and the sky
before the nite past us by
12. vannessa h- when the beat is like an.......
13. camp rock-come as you are your a superstar.....
runnin through your feet
you can feel that beat
world`s in your pocket
14. cheetah girls 1- and we need help ........
to love it all
to share it all
to care and love
15. cheetah girls2- ready let`s go whoo......
come on y`all
hey cheetahs huh huh
16. cheetah girls 3-now we see who we are......
the best of friends
in a shopping mall
in a different light

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