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Are you a dingo, a wolf or a dog?
Each one has a different personality (e)

1. A huge creature is in your den/ home how do you make it go away?
Bite it
Scratch it
Run in front and chase it away
2. Another animal just killed another pack member how do you respond?
falling to the ground
Growling but not feeling strong
walk away slowly
Turn around and say don`t look back
3. How do you like this quiz
I can`t even say what it is
4. You did something fantastic in a sport how do you feel
Bursting with pride
Happy but it ain`t over yet
I did that?!
5. You like someone how do you let them know
run and give her /him a kiss
Smile from afar
While your doing something only focus on them

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Created on:10/20/2007 6:18:48 AM
Made by:ZORO676

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