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which diesel pick up suits you
Find out what diesel pick up would you probably like

1. which brand do you like th best
2. what would you buy this truck for
work,play a mix it can handle it
work and to show off
race and pick up chicks
3. what do you think of th 7.3L
its alright it can hang w th big boys
sucks utter crap
best motor ever
4. what do you think of th 5.9L
its cool original good motor
best motor ever blows th most smoke
its Ok i guess
5. what do you think of th 6.6L
gayest motor ever
best there is
its Ok i guess
6. what is your favorite color
7. would you put alot of aftermarket parts on it
hell yeah
mabey a couple
not alot
8. does it roll coal (blow smoke)
hell yeah
a good bit
alittle just wait until th new parts go on
9. If you were at th truck pulls how far would you make it
All the way or about half way
All th way or spin tires an blow a lot of smoke
Pretty far or something would break
I`d be too drunk too pull (wooo I love truck pulls)
10. how often is your truck in the shop
not ever
very little
i do my own repairs
11. how often do you win tug of wars w other trucks
all th time
most of th time
very few
thats stupid
12. does it sound awsome at an idle
hell yeah
yep real loud
pretty quite accually
13. do you think or know your a redneck or aren`t you one
hell yeah im a rebel
yep alittle
not at all
14. How tough is your truck
Its bullet proof
Pretty damn tough
Its a pansy truck
I don`t beat it up
15. do you even like diesels
no you enviroment killing redneck

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Created on:9/7/2012 10:52:26 PM
Made by:dieselrednek

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