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How would you die in my story  quiz. My story has been updated  so there are more ways to die  Yay  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How would you die in my story?
My story has been updated, so there are more ways to die. Yay!?

1. You are walking through the woods on your way to someplace. You here a loud howling sound. What do you do?
Continue on your`s probably nothing.
Run like you`ve never ran before.
Howling? Like...what kind of howling?
2. You have eaten at a steakhouse. Your stomach feels ready to explode, but you still have some food left. Do you finish it?
Maybe just a few more bites...
3. A aquaintance of yours that you don`t know too well but seems nice asks if you could escort him someplace. Do you accept?
Sure, why not?
Of course! Why wouldn`t I?
4. You need an escort to a far away place. A number of people have offered to go with you. Who do you choose?
A teenage werewolf named Zach
A vampire/demon named Luc
A silent military type named Rein
A demon hunter named Sam
No thanks, I`ll go by myself
5. If you could choose one ability to have, what would it be?
Unnaturally high pain-tolerance
Healing abilities
Really REALLY sharp teeth
6. If you had to choose one person to travel along with you, who would it be?
A former demon hunter who is now a rockstar
A half angel/half demon on the edge of insanity
A former soldier who is always ready to fight
7. What was your opinion of this quiz?

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Created on:1/31/2009 10:37:59 PM
Made by:deanrox

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