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How Would You Die In My Story  quiz. Find out how you as a character would die in my story   they all do at some point Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How Would You Die In My Story?
Find out how you as a character would die in my story. (they all do at some point)

1. A weopon rack appears in front of you, what do you take?
A pistol
A machine gun
A clever (butcher knife)
A sword
A needle filled with poison
No weopon for me, I prefer hand-to-hand combat
2. A group of people threatens to kill you if you don`t do what they want, what do you do?
Do whatever they say as long as they don`t kill me
Follow them, but secretly slip the poison into their drinks
Fight them off
Distract them and run away
3. A man offers you fifty-thousand dollars to "take care of a few people" for him, do you refuse his offer, or accept?
4. The person you love tells you they have a deadly disease that is highly contagious, what do you do?
Leave them despite the fact that you were in love
Get into an argument over why they didn`t tell you sooner
No matter how sick they are, you love them and are going to stay with them
5. What is your ideal group for a battle?
A small group of elite fighters
One all-powerful superhuman
A large army with people who have a variety of skills
6. What did you think of this quiz?
I liked it
I think it sucked
Eh, it was okay

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Created on:8/17/2008 4:43:32 PM
Made by:deanrox

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